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I've been awarded a Daily Deviation!

Sun Mar 12, 2017, 7:54 AM
Hi everyone, just a little word to say that I've been awarded a Daily Deviation !! :onfire:

Akhiryonh - ART WAR Challenge submission by Nassima-Amir

I was very happy when I found out this morning so I wanted to say a big billboard: THANK YOU to GeorgeXVII :icongeorgexvii: for suggesting me! He's been one of my watchers for quite a long time now, and he's very committed to deviantART community, so please check him out!

Also a big Emoticon - Pingy Thank You! to KovoWolf :iconkovowolf: for featuring me! This is going to be a good day! MSN Emoticon - (H) 

I hope everyone of you also has a great day! See you!

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Hi fellow Deviants !
I'm very excited to announce that COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN !!
Here is the Commission Board :

Comissions board by Nassima-Amir

So this means you can send me a note with "Commission" in the subject if you're interested !
There are some important things to specify though. If you want to ask for a commission, we will have to follow these steps :
- First you explain precisely to me what you want.
This step is very important, because it will determine the level of details and with it the time that I will spend on your commission. Be sure to tell me everything you want at this step, and to send me good references of what you would like, because it can be very difficult to fix it after so if you want to add something or change the design later, it might cost you a little bit.
- We discuss the price and deadline for your commission.
Based on the prices that are on my commission board (above) and, depending on your requirements, the price might change a little bit (it can increase or decrease from case to case). The deadline has to be decided quite precisely at this time because I might be too busy later to change it.
-You pay half the price decided at the previous step (all of it if the price is lower than 50$).
A commission can take a precious time so I need to be sure I will not do the work for free.
-For creative designs or complex scenes, I send you a few roughs/thumbnails of your commission.
This step allows you to choose how you would like the work to look in the end, and to have a say in it. This is your last chance to get a complete refund if you decide to cancel the commission.
-Once you approved/chose the composition/design etc of the comission, I start painting.
This step can take a day or it can take a month or two, depending on the complexity of the piece you asked for, and on how busy I am. If you decide to cancel the commission during this step, I can refund you partially depending on how advanced on the painting I am when you decide to cancel.
-I send you a transitional (Low Res) step of the painting.
This step is there to show you how advanced in the painting I am, and to allow you to make a few minor corrections to it. This is your chance to tell me if you want to add something, change something. If the correction you ask for is too big though, I might not be able to do it, or I might increase the price a little bit. At this step I will not be able to refund you at all.
-I finish the painting and send you a small and/or watermark version of the painting.
That is when you tell me if you're happy (or not) with the finished painting. If you are happy with it, you pay the second part of the price, and I upload the High Resolution (unmarked) version of the commission.

We're almost done, just a few more things to add :
I ONLY use Paypal payment, no DA Points. This is a very useful and easy website so I think it's for the best.
I ONLY make pencil works or digital works. I will not do a watercolor or any traditional piece other than pencil work, and I don't do vectorial works either, so please don't ask.
The HD versions of your paintings will be 300dpi, in RVB. Please let me know the size and proportions you want for your commission.
If you want something that is not listed on the board (like an environment/landscape painting, or a battle piece or anything really), please, feel free to ask for it. Which takes me to the next point.
I may REFUSE your commission if I'm too busy, or simply if I really don't feel like doing it.
For instance : I DO NOT do furries (save for some very inspiring exceptions), or anything fetishy, sexual, gory or hateful. Please don't ask for this.
I CAN draw/paint MANGA or ANIME style if you're interested, I drew manga style for a long time before switching to realistic or semi-realistic style.
If you want another SPECIFIC STYLE, please let me know, and I will tell you if I feel like doing it or not.
I will do MY BEST for every piece, so if you don't like it in the end, please try to be fair, and not to be rude.
Please BE REACHABLE during the process of the commission. As you have read above, it's very important for me to be able to communicate with you all along the painting, to make sure we agree on what you want and what I shall do.
I will (except specific cases) keep THE RIGHTS of my paintings. Doing commissions is a very good way to gain visibility, but this can only happen if I can upload the commission paintings in my gallery or on my Artstation.
If you are A PROFESSIONAL, an association or a company, please notify me in the beginning, so that we can talk more precisely about the use that you will do of my painting, about the copyrights. The price might be different too.

And I think that's about it !

Please tell me what you think about this, send me a note if you're interested and watch me if you would like to see more before asking for a commission. I can not wait to get your feedback and notes about this.

Feel free to swing by my Artstation, my Youtube channel, or my very recent but not very active yet Patreon.

Thanks a lot for reading the whole article, and cheers!!